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Why Distractions Are Detrimental to Your Love Life

It is very easy to be lazy.

It is very easy to put things off.

It is very easy to be distracted by something else.

DISTRACTIONS do not enhance your life, they lessen it.

DISTRACTIONS are designed to make your life more complicated.

DISTRACTIONS do exactly what they say they do - they distract you from what you were supposed to do.

Far be it from me to stop you having fun; far be it from me to stop you from looking for something better; far be it from me to be a total killjoy...

But let me just say that too many people have too many distractions and these distractions do nothing more than complicate an already complicated life.

Don't be distracted by shiny sparkly things; don't think that following one team over another is important; don't be sucker punched by the trivial; don't make vacuous pursuits your goal; don't think that an empty shell will get you what you want.

- If you are looking for the best in life and in love; if you are trying to make the most of your relationships, then remember this - it all starts with you.

- If you ignore the fundamentals and do not build a solid foundation, then any love you might find will be weak and short-lived.

- If you try to trick yourself and the world with the short cut, then anything you might do will surely crumble soon after.

It is easy to be side-tracked, to put off what needs to be done, to ignore what you know you should listen to, to be distracted - but if you allow the sweet and saccharin to control your life then you will never build a solid foundation on which to thrive.

There is a significant difference between an interest and a DISTRACTION. An interest stimulates your mind or your body (or both), a distraction is detrimental to your goals and aspirations, a distraction does nothing to make your life better, it simply wastes your time.

DISTRACTIONS come in many shapes and sizes - sports on the television, video games, gossip, celebrities, in fact anything that does not enhance your life but takes up time and stops you from doing what should be done is a distractions. Be aware and be prepared to brush them to one side.

DISTRACTIONS do not make life more enjoyable, they end up leaving you with worry, angst and irritation because you didn't do what you should have done and you did do what you should not have. That could include having an affair, buying what you don't need, creating a child you can't cope with, playing a video game that empties out your body, your soul and then your bank account. Whatever the distraction is, in the end it does nothing to enhance your loves or your life.

If you're going to do something, do something worthwhile.

Do not be distracted by a distraction.

Be disciplined in your action.

Guy Blews.