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What Not to Wear This Season

There is a mathematical rule that is quite true: for each man dressed impeccably, there are other 20 badly dressed. Even on the red carpet or at the fashion week there are plenty of men with horrible matched clothes on them. To look good this season, you better learn what you should NOT wear.

Skinny jeans

Ascent and descent in the fashion tops of skinny jeans is just as dramatic as the Roman Empire. If in 2006 skinny jeans were on the list of "Yes", now in 2009 are on "NO, NO" list. Therefore, even in the club do not try to wear a pair of skinny jeans.

Overworked shirts

In the suburbs and television shows has become not only acceptable, but even trendy to wear shirts with many inscriptions and, if possible more glossy. Kind of those shirts with Dolce & Gabanna on back and with extremely glossy front are popular, but, in any case, do not get caught in traps of this kind.

Ugg boots

Despite their female form, Ugg boots had a spectaculars comeback for both women and men since 2000. However, this year are no longer worn. And if there are men who cannot detach from their Ugg boots, they can choose from many pairs of jeans and to wear with their favorite boots.

Jackets too big

Nothing is worse in the cold season than a winter coat with two sizes bigger. And if it was only that, but often there is and a waist belt trying to emphasize the waist.

Sweater over sweater

Men, who are not sufficiently warmed by their jacket, tend to take several layers of cotton under. T-shirts over shirts and sweater, could work for some, but if you are newly employed at some office, just graduated the college, you can only think of a boy who did not have time to make a wardrobe suitable for every season.