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Shape Up Tone Up - Reality Or Gimmick?

Alright I have to be honest here, when Skechers first came out with, "Shape Ups" I thought what kind of new gimmick have they come up with now. Well. I am now eating my words and not just because of personal experience. Sorry, I guess sometimes some of us, (yes including me) tend to prejudge a product classify it as a gimmick, and toss it aside before we even check it out. I'm glad I don't do that with food. Can you imagine?

So how did prejudging, are you kidding me, come to try out these very innovative shoes, (this will definitely make you laugh) I went to go grab something to eat with a few girlfriends of mine at a local grill. We were waiting on our order and were kind of glancing around the room. It wasn't very crowded but everyone seemed to be huddled in one area. When I looked over to see what my friends were checking out, please realize 2 of us over the 50 mark, (but a far cry from dead) and one over 30, we were all looking at the guy in front of us, backend. We all started cracking up as we realized what was happening, and much to our dismay he turned around and caught us in the act. Turned out it was someone we used to work with which was really embarrassing. We had a good laugh and started chatting. When I looked down, (to the floor not his backside) I noticed his shoes. They reminded me of Shape Ups but didn't look like sneakers number one, and two they were pretty sharp looking.

When I asked, he told me that they were absolutely Skechers Shape Ups, and although that wasn't the entire reason for our stares, they definitely helped. I quickly change the subject, we had our dinner, and home we went.

When I got home I immediately went to the computer to find out what I was missing out on and was shocked at all the different styles, colors, and other companies that were available. Shoot if they could do that for him, (also over the 50 mark), they surely couldn't hurt my wide side.

When I looked at the reviews there was a lot of different comments, mostly good, but a few stating about sore muscles, backs, etc. This concerned me due to I have had several knee and back surgeries, (let's not go there). I figured what the heck if they hurt they'll be in the closet with the rest of the shoes I never wear. You have to understand I'm a boot and sneakers person, that's it. Comfort is the only thought basically when it comes to shoes.

I now have three pair, (not all Skechers) but they are my favorite, and several of my friends own a pair and love them. Of course when I first got them I went to the mall for hours and much to my amazement woke up with sore muscles, (but my feet didn't hurt). So don't try to be a superhero and wear them for 8 hours the first time. Will they give you a body like Julia Roberts, or Britney, or Brad Pitt, (sorry almost forget you guys)? Sure if you eat and work out like they do, (kidding). But what they will do is tone and shape up some of those muscles that don't get the attention they deserve. And if that wasn't enough now, (had them for several months) I feel like I have more stamina, and that's a great thing when your shopping, or doing anything else for that matter.

Oh yeah, and guys they definitely help. Thanks Skechers!